Hi, I’m Etienne

I help chief technology officers become world class leaders

I also love working with CEO/founders of tech companies

Born in South Africa, I started coding when I was 10 years old.  Knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life so earned a Computer Science degree that launched my career building technology products.  I am a lover of people and programming. I am also a member of the peer group of technical leaders called 7CTOs

Are you the CEO?

I absolutely love working with CEOs especially when they need to push through challenges around their technical strategy, leadership or team.  Let’s set up a strategy call and come up with a game plan on how I can help.

Are you a CTO?

Whether you’re CTO or the lead engineer, I’ve probably been in your shoes.  I started 7CTOs as a home for people like you so let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit to work together.  Sometimes we just need to get out of our heads a bit.

Wanna solve new problems?

I have a sizeable network of companies looking for tech leaders or board members.  If you’re interested in exploring anything, let me know!

Get Unstuck.

Are you butting heads in the C-Suite?

As someone who loves working with visionary CEOs I have often been faced with the urge to escape a “working session” with my CEO.  A plethora of ideas and directions can often lead to overwhelm and disable our ability to collaborate.

When should your startup hire a CTO?

I get a ton of first time founder/CEOs reach out to me looking for a Chief Technology Officer.  When your startup starts earning revenues on the backs of a remote dev team, the next step may not be to hire your CTO.  I explore a few options for you in this video.

7CTOs – all in it.

My music video tribute to the organization I love.  The most amazing technical people dedicated to their own personal growth and emotional health.  Beware, this clan is not for everyone.

I’m always up for solving challenges so feel free to contact me.


I have had the pleasure of working with Etienne as a fellow CTO for the past year. I wish I would have met him sooner. Etienne is full of passion and cares about everything he does. He is an incredible leader to our 7CTOs group and is always willing to help in every way he can. He is also one of the most intelligent people I have had the pleasure of working with. He holds integrity in high regard and always does what he says he is going to do. His leadership has been paramount to my most recent accomplishments and I am looking forward to many more years of his mentorship and rising friendship.

Dwamian Mcleish, CTO @ Camp Gladiator

Put succinctly, Etienne is a force of nature. His technical experience, magnetic personality, kind heart, and smooth-talking style make him uniquely suited as a technology community builder. In the time I've known him, I have found again and again that Etienne not only achieves what he sets his mind to, but does so with a charm and dynamism that few could muster. In the past few years, Etienne's mentorship and his 7CTOs organization have proven to be personally transformative, in terms of both professional and emotional intelligence. I would Recommend Etienne without hesitation for any challenge of technical leadership, community building, or team development.

Daniel Norman, CTO @ RetailOps

Etienne has exceptional ability to provide information technology solutions to a broad range of business problems. As well as understanding organization behavior and operations management, he is also a strategic planner who deploys resources to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

Casey Kleindienst, Supply Chain Director @ Quidel

Sometimes I write About Stuff

7CTOs is a peer mentoring network for Chief Technology Officers

7CTOs is a peer mentoring network for Chief Technology Officers

7CTOs was founded in 2013 as a peer mentoring network for people who are in technical leadership roles.  More specifically for people who report directly to the CEO on technical strategy and implementation.  Members of 7CTOs meet on a monthly basis in small groups of...

The Role of CTO

The Role of CTO

I heard a great way to describe the role of CTO in a company: to the business people, you're the tech guy, and to the tech people, you're the business guy. If I consider over my years of being an employed engineer, I didn't much care for the "business people", let...