I heard a great way to describe the role of CTO in a company: to the business people, you’re the tech guy, and to the tech people, you’re the business guy.

If I consider over my years of being an employed engineer, I didn’t much care for the “business people”, let alone the ones that had to work with the engineering teams as product or project managers.  For some, being an experienced developer leads to management and to many of us, it leads to the role of CTO or technical co-founder.  And yes, it can be a very cold and lonely place because you’re working with audiences that treat you with a healthy dose of suspicion.  When it gets unhealthy, you should call me 🙂

Anyways, I made this video to describe the CTO Quadrant as a quick an easy way to describe your role as CTO to those around you.

I hope you find this helpful.

In short the CTO Quadrant consists of the following 4 skills the CTO needs to bring to the company:

  • Tech
  • Team
  • Tools
  • Timing

Do you have any thoughts on this?